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How to Complete the Lost Astrolabe at Hogwarts Legacy

There are many side quests you can complete as you progress through Hogwarts Legacy and some of these quests are tasks for your classmates. Grace Pinch-Smedley needs your help at the lake. She wants to reclaim her family heirloom that fell into Black Lake long ago. Rather than disobey his father’s wishes, he asks you to brave the waters of the lake and obtain the Astrolabe. This guide will show you how to complete The Lost Astrolabe in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Lost Astrolabe Tour at Hogwarts Legacy

Once you complete Potions and Herbalism classes at school, you can find a quest south of the castle near the Black Lake docks. Get there via the Floo Flame system or run if you haven’t gone that far from the castle yet. You will see Grace on the docks waiting for you. Talk to him for a quest summary.

After discovering the astrolabe stuck at the bottom of the lake, swim through the lake to where the purple marker appears on your map. In this area, you will see several pieces of whitewater. Instead of manually diving into the lake and searching, you’ll need to interact with these white areas in the water to auto-dive and grab certain items.

After searching some areas, you will find the Astrolabe. Return the missing item to Grace to complete the quest.

Should you give the astrolabe to Grace or keep it at Hogwarts Legacy?

When you return the astrolabe to Grace, you will be presented with three options. return the item, return it for a price or keep it. Although this choice does not change the game, it shows your moral position as a character.

Hogwarts Legacy Astrolabe Choice

The following results occur depending on what you choose during this time:

  • I did – Here you go – This option will require you to return the astrolabe to Grace and only receive the standard quest reward.
  • I did it. And it’s yours – for a price – This option will make Grace accept that you deserve compensation for your excellent diving skills. She will give you 20 galleons as a reward.
  • I did it. And I keep it – This option causes Grace to throw a tantrum before you selfishly keep the Astrolabe. You will end up with the item in your inventory, unable to return it. Maybe you can sell it later in the game.

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