A mod has been created for Morrowind which adds a full voiceover for the character of Dagoth Ur. Everything was created using artificial intelligence.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is now over 20 years old and still has a large group of fans who revisit the title regularly. As a result, new mods for the game are constantly being developed. There has been something of a breakthrough in recent days, fueled by the boom in the use of artificial intelligence, in this case to imitate voices and read texts.

In Morrowind, this boom led to the creation of the project Dagoth Ur Fully Voicedwhich, as the name of the mod suggests, adds the full voice of Dagoth Ur, or the resident “main villain”. For this, the ElevenAI tool was used. Using the voice samples of Jeff Baker (the actor who originally played the character) available in the game, the author “taught” the artificial intelligence to imitate him, asking him to read all the dialogue of the leader of the sixth house.

In turn, in the video below you will see an example of how the project works in action. Of course be aware of possible spoilers – the conversation with Dagoth Ur takes place at the end of the main story.

As a reminder: Morrowind features a huge amount of dialogue text and character voiceovers are residual; NPCs only speak in certain situations. Adding all the missing dialogue is therefore an impressive achievement, and one that will unfortunately be difficult for other NPCs to replicate; many of them don’t have enough voice samples for the AI ​​to learn.

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