The Callisto Protocol will arrive on Xbox before the end of the year and is already for many one of the most anticipated games of the third quarter. The game developed by Striking Distance It has raised very high expectations around it, as much as being one of those games that leads the way to a new saga.

As you know, The Callisto Protocol will be a very crude game, a game in which we will see explicit scenes and in which gore will not be lacking. The studio has used many sources of inspiration to recreate everything in the most realistic way possible, so it should not surprise you that there are scenes in the game that can make us look away from the screen.

El Gore in The Callisto Protocol

Our guys were of course inspired by games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but also movies like Event Horizon and The Thing. Even the latest horror productions from French and Korean cinema have been very important to us, due to the intense search for horror experiences they pursue.

We found ourselves looking at many examples of horror and gore in real life. While this type of material had been far less ‘fun’ to research, it helped us create some of the most beautifully memorable experiences in our game.
The Callisto Protocol will be available on Xbox next December 2 you can reserve it now in its physical edition through Amazon.

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