Au Terminal 2 of London-Heathrow airport, chaos. The structure’s baggage sorter suffered a major breakdown on Friday, June 17, leaving hundreds of passengers pissed off. Affecting check-in and baggage delivery services, this technical malfunction forced many travelers to leave without their belongings. The latter had been informed that they could not find their personal effects for 48 hours. As a result, astonishing shots show a tide of suitcases piled up inside the “Queen’s Terminal”, as reported by the Euronews site.

“Welcome to London-Heathrow. I am leaving for Delhi. Stopping the baggage system. Not a single bag loaded in any flight. We can get our things tomorrow or the day after. London temperature: 31 degrees. That of passengers: 51 “, ironically a customer from his Twitter account. Sunday, June 19, the problem still does not seem to be resolved.

Welcome to #London #Heathrow t-2. Flying to Delhi. Complete Baggage system shutdown. Not a single Bag being loaded in ANY flight. May get bags tomorrow or day after. London temperature 31 degree, passengers 51. Trying to enjoy. #airportchaos #airindiain #UK

– Arun Asthana (arunasthana) June 17, 2022

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