Texas Chainsaw Massacre Release Date Confirmed, Steam Demo Coming Soon

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Release Date Confirmed, Steam Demo Coming Soon

Put on your aprons and sharpen your meat hooks: Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s release date has finally been confirmed, the multiplayer horror game and rival Dead by Daylight is also heading for a new Steam demo in the near future, followed by a full PC release Game Pass. Based on the 1974 film of the same name and considered an official part of the series’ canon, we’ll finally get our hands on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre later this year.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre release date set for August 18. Based on our own TCM preview, this feels like a welcome twist on the multiplayer asymmetrical horror genre. A team of survivors (or, as developer Gun prefers to call them, “victims”) face off against a team of killers, in painstakingly recreated locations from the terrifying 1974 film. Made in collaboration with some of the film’s original creators, the game serves as a quasi-prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and opts for extreme fidelity to its classic source material.

Although August 18 may seem distant, a The trial period for Texas Chainsaw Massacre has also been confirmed and will launch on May 25.. In even better news, when the full Texas Chainsaw Massacre release date arrives, you’ll be able to get the survival game on PC Game Pass. Check out the latest trailer below:

Each victim and killer has their own unique abilities. Leatherface, for example, is a brute force, almost tank-like unit that can break through locked doors and obstacles created by victims. Contrast that with the Hitchhiker, whose lean, nimble physique allows him to follow players through air vents and tight spaces: Edwin Neal, who played the Hitchhiker in the original film, returns to the character in the game Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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