Steam will be hosting a bunch of themed discounts and festivals in the coming months. The platform presented a timeline of its plans for 2023.

Few things grab players’ attention like sales. Digital game distribution platforms know this very well. The biggest of them, Steam, shared the list small and large discount events planned for 2023.

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multiplicity of events

Promotional actions on Steam can be divided into three types. The first is the main seasonal sales.. They take place periodically four times a year and cover the entire platform.

The second type are festivals. These are special events that last several days, usually dedicated to particular game genres. During these, players can purchase titles thematically related to the event and try out demos of current and upcoming productions. Festivals are implemented in such a way as to attract the widest possible range of fans of a particular genre, as evidenced by the ongoing Mystery Festival.

Finally, Steam Next – is a festival that is periodically held three times a year. Their purpose, however, is primarily to attract potential players to new games. During the event, people can play demos of upcoming titles and, for example, discuss them with their developers.

Complete list of Steam events in 2023

  1. Festival of Secrets: February 20 to 27
  2. Riddle Festival: April 24 to May 1
  3. Spring Sale: March 16-23 (main seasonal offer)
  4. Sports festival: May 15 to 22
  5. Steam Next Festival: June 19-26
  6. Summer offer: from June 29 to July 13 (main seasonal offer)
  7. Stealth Festival: July 24-31
  8. Visual Novel Festival: August 7-14
  9. Strategy Festival: August 28 to September 4
  10. Shoot ‘Em Up Festival of Games: September 25 to October 2
  11. Steam Next Festival: October 9-16
  12. Return of Steam Fear House (Halloween): October 26 to November 2 (more information to come)
  13. Fall Sale: November 21-28 (Main Season Sale)
  14. Winter sale: from December 21, 2023 to January 4, 2024 (main season offer).

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