The ex-president remains in detention after an 18-month pre-trial detention was ordered against him. (Andean)

In the context of the constitutional complaint -for rebellion- that the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed against former ministers Betssy Chávez, Roberto Sánchez and Willy Huerta; The ex-president Pedro Castillo received a list of questions a few days ago to testify as a witness in the case.

The former president had previously been summoned several times to the Constitutional Charges Subcommittee (SAC) – chaired by legislator Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress) – to be heard.

However, Castle he did not show up for any of the summonses. Faced with this situation, the head of the working group sent a list of eleven questions to Barbadillo (Ate) so that he can answer it in writing.

The former Head of State remains in the said penitentiary because of the Rebellion to which he incurred, on December 7, and which earned him an 18-month preventive detention by judge Juan Carlos Checkley Soria.

Despite this, the rural schoolteacher was again silent and asserted, consecutively, that every question asked was “trick”.

“I abstain from declaring under art. 170 number 6 of the NCPP be a trick question since it is impossible to determine whether my response is as an accused or as a witness. Likewise, according to art. 139.2 of Constitutionindicates that the authority cannot be invoked in the face of a process already under judicial control”, specifies the text made public by RPP.

Subsequently, the response continues to allege “duplicity” in this investigation: “Given that the events of December 7, 2022 are in full investigation, before the magistrate 39-2022; and, in addition, with an 18-month preventive detention order. Existing duplicity of investigation: one by Congress and another for him Judicial authority”.

The list of questions did not receive a response from the former president.  (PRP)
The list of questions did not receive a response from the former president. (PRP)

In total, the list of issues transferred from the subcommittee, according to El Comercio, was as follows:

  1. When and why did you decide to close the Congress of the Republic and intervene in the courts and arrest the national prosecutor?
  2. Who prepared and what was the procedure for approving the messages to the nation?
  3. If you or who prepared and wrote the message to the nation that you launched on December 6, 2022?
  4. If it was you or who, the person who elaborate the message to the nation of December 7, 2022?
  5. With who coordinated the closing of the Congress of the Republic on December 7, 2022?
  6. Who did he call? government palace to be present at the closing of the Congress of the Republic and for what reasons?
  7. If you ordered the former Prime Minister Chino Betssy Chavezbring to the place where the message would be delivered to the closing nation of the Congress two journalists from the state channel who were in front of the government palace?
  8. When did you inform Betssy Chinese Chavez who would deliver a message to the nation on December 7, 2022?
  9. When did you inform Anibal Torres Vasquez, Willy Huertas Oliva there Emilio Gustavo Bobbio that he would send a message to the nation of the closure of Congress and other measures on December 7, 20227
  10. If the former minister of foreign trade and tourism, Roberto Sanchez PalominoDid you come to greet him after the message to the nation closing the Congress of the Republic?
  11. After the December 2022 OT message of the day, what documents did the former Minister of Defense give you, Gustavo Bobbio Rosasfor you to sign?

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