We’re still a few months away from the big Starfield Direct spectacle before the game launches in September, but little bits of information are still emerging, including some of the development team’s scientific inspirations.

Speaking on Twitter recently, Starfield’s design director Emil Pagliarulo revealed that nearly every sci-fi TV show and movie has inspired the team in some way, listing a bunch of famous IPs in their answers:

“I’ve had people ask me what other movies besides Prospect have that Starfield vibe. I feel like I can’t really specifically answer that question without getting into spoiler/reveal territory, and that is something I can’t and won’t do. I’ve said before that you can infiltrate the Crimson Fleet as space police and report to your superiors, so maybe you’ll see… Donnie Brasco Be careful! Support this concept and the internet may also tag you a “fucking narco”.

But seriously, I don’t think there’s a sci-fi movie or TV show that hasn’t inspired Starfield’s many developers in one way or another, from Space: 1999 to Cowboy. Bebop via Event Horizon and Silent Running. This is space, after all there is room for everything.”

If you didn’t know, the new release date of star field It’s September 6, 2023, and this special Developer Direct event will take place on June 11 immediately following the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase.

We’re not expecting any major Starfield reveals before this June date, but we already have plenty of gameplay for you to check out courtesy of last years Xbox Showcase, which offered us around 15 minutes of footage.

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