Bethesda has done some experimentation with dialogue systems. Think Oblivion’s infamous mini-game or Fallout 4’s keyword-based conversations. Is Starfield venturing into something new again, or is the upcoming sci-fi RPG going back to a classic system? In a new video, Todd Howard gives the answer.

This is how conversations work in Starfield

First screenshot of the dialogue system: This screenshot shows what to expect in the game when you have a conversation with an NPC. The interface is very reminiscent of the system from Fallout 3 or Skyrim – good news for those who didn’t like dialogues in Fallout 4.Below left you can see how many points you can use in this conversation.

You will be presented with the various options and wording to choose from. If one of them is linked to a specific action, such as attacking your opponent, then that is also clearly written. So far, so Bethesda-known.

How skills work: The Persuasion skill is a little different. In the video, the protagonist tries to talk his way out of a situation. In order to create this, there are several different difficult options available, for which you spend points. According to Todd Howard, this should feel very organic and not seem like persuasion is a different mode of dialogue than normal conversations. Bethesda hasn’t just evolved in virtual conversations over the years:

More info: traits and fuel

In the video, Howard answers more questions, giving new insights into how Starfield will actually play.

Was sind »Character Traits«? During creation, you select up to three special properties for your self-created character, which give you certain advantages and disadvantages. You can remove the negative effects of your respective “traits” in the game via quests.

How does fuel work? Although Starfield sees itself more as “hard sci-fi” (that is, as more realistic), you are not stranded in the vastness of space when your tank is empty. The fill level only determines how far you can travel at once. We are sure that mods for hardcore fans will appear very quickly.

Starfield – First screenshots show the open world of the roleplaying game

Starfield is scheduled for release in 2023, an exact release date is not yet known. If you want to fully immerse yourself in Bethesda’s new universe, you’ve come to the right place in our large information hub.

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