While fans of Silent Hill still have to wait for a new game, modder Mangaclub is now simply accommodating the series in Fallout 4. His mod called “Whispering Hills” turns the action role-playing game into a real horror experience.

Iconic figures such as Pyramid Head and Siren Head also appear in it. At the end of 2019, the modder had already released a version of Whispering Hills.

For a few days now, episode 1 of his mod has also been available. Players can look forward to a new series of quests that even offers a brand new environment with “The Town of Whispering Hills”. This is a replica of Centralia in Pennsylvania. This US community was the inspiration for the 2006 Silent Hill film.

On the journey through Episode 1 you will also meet NPCs with speech output and the Midwitch Elementary School from Silent Hill. In time for the launch, a trailer has also been released that introduces you to the content of Whispering Hills in more detail.

If you are out and about in the game world, you can be drawn into the so-called “Otherworld” at any time. There you have to defend yourself against infected dogs, nurses and other enemies from the world of Silent Hill. The mod can currently be downloaded for free from ModDB.

You can also find information about the installation there. In the last few weeks there have been rumors about a new game in the series. An announcement has so far not been made. We’ll keep you updated when there’s news about Silent Hill.

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