In SpaceBourne 2, you will find many interesting mechanics and opportunities. We have described the best tips and tricks related to the game for you.

SpaceBourne 2 is a game available on Steam in early access, which was created by a single developer: Burak Dabak. In it we explore space, fight enemies and improve our character. The game has many interesting mechanics, and thanks to this guide you will learn the best tricks which will work for both beginners and more experienced players.

SpaceBourne 2 – tips and tricks

  1. Gain experience faster – Exp is essential to be able to strengthen your character. If you want to get it faster, you have to enter the characterNext talentthere adventurous tab and activate the benefit More experience.
  2. More space on the bench – In the game, you can collect a variety of items, but storage space is limited. By entering the character, talentNext adventurous you can buy a benefit called More banking spacewhich increases the limit of stored items.
  3. Navigation between planets – When you open the map, you can easily check if you have an active mission on a planet. All you have to do is hover over it and see if there’s any mention of a quest under its description.
  4. Which tasks to choose? – From a logical point of view, high-level tasks should generate more money and experience points for completing them. In SpaceBourne 2 this is not always the case, so after completing many easy quests you can get a better reward than completing the hard ones.

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You will also see the mission name on the screen.

  1. smoother gameplay – If you noticed that the frame rate during gameplay is too low for you, go to settings and select Vertical sync only. This will significantly lighten the load on your GPU.
  2. Interaction with the cabin – While traveling in your spaceship, you will have access to the cockpit. look around, hold down the C key on your keyboard, then use your mouse.
  3. How to turn off the HUD – The Hud displays a variety of useful information on the screen, but if you want to turn it off and enjoy the beautiful views, just press the return key.
  4. call a ship – If you are on a planet, you can quickly summon your ship by pressing the H key.
  5. earn money – You can earn money in the game in different ways, but one of the best methods is to join the miners guildsearch for a group of asteroids and find one with a yellow spot refers to gold deposits. Then all you have to do is start digging and selling what you’ve acquired.

Early Access on SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2 is currently in early access, which means the game will be developed in the future. For this reason, you may find that after one of the updates some tips will be outdated.

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