At this time of year, annual reports tend to be published at regular intervals, since the financial years of most listed companies ended a month ago, on March 31. There is a particularly notable figure in the one released by Sony, in which it is revealed that the platform maker has already sold 38.4 million units of PlayStation 5. Xbox Series X and S have sold a total of 21 million machines, so they’re pretty behind the times at the moment.

A much greater distance between the two is recorded in the Spanish market, and it wasn’t until 2023 that Sony served up a decent supply of PS5s, in turn suffering a slowdown from its global pace.

In the last quarter, through March 31, 6.3 million PS5s were sold worldwide. This means 4.3 million units more than the same period last year. It also makes the PlayStation 5 the best-selling console in the first quarter of the calendar of all time.

Some other stats from the report mention that PlayStation Plus subscriber count stands at 47.4 million. Exactly the same number as last year, despite the big model changes and the generational transition. There are also 108 million active users (per month) on the Playstation Network, two million more than last year.

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