Who is Jadel?  The ‘Your face sounds to me’ contestant who once showcased his musical talents on ‘Number One’

Who is Jadel? The ‘Your face sounds to me’ contestant who once showcased his musical talents on ‘Number One’

The list of all the competitors of Your face is familiar to me and among their names is the name of Jadea Canarian artist with a lot of personality who came to television after his participation in Number One, although it was not until he discovered his love affair with Ana Guerra that his name began to be heard everywhere.

It is true that Jadel tried to be discreet, but his partner Ana Guerra did not make it easy for him, since it quickly appeared that they were both in a relationship. During his participation in Operación Triunfo, we all discovered in a very natural way that they both had a romantic relationship. To do this, we must go back to 2017, when Ana Guerra, in tears, received the greeting of the teachers, after being nominated by the jury.

At that moment, Noemí Galera asked her why she was so excited: “My boyfriend sent me an audio,” the contestant said, “Jadel?”, asked the director and thus revealed the identity of her partner. Their relationship lasted about three years until Ana Guerra decided to break up with her partner.

But it is possible that those who have not followed this format very closely are wondering who Jadel really is?

Known on Spanish and British television

Javier Luis Delgado aka Jade is a young artist from Tenerife who He rose to prominence in the musical talent contest Number 1of which he was the winner. Before that, he participated in a show tribute to the British group Take that in Benidorm, a group with which he has toured throughout the Spanish geography as well as abroad.

But Jadel’s talent does not stop there. In addition to his Take That tribute project, the Canarian artist has a great pop sensibility capable of linking different musical styles like R&B, funky or salsa. His Latin touch is essential, but in addition to being a singer, Jadel composes his own songs.

In 2011 he released singles like Just you and me there Pardonboth belonging to his disk Inside the soul. Pardon It is a subject of great sentimental depth in which he pays homage to his recently deceased grandfather.

Restless spirit and music lover, he gave us several very cool versions of international pop hits like this one by We found Love of Rihanna or that ofI Just the way you are by Bruno Mars (Spanish version).

In the spring of 2014, Jadel released his single tell him that you a Latin pop song that has nothing to envy to the hits of established Latin music artists such as Mark Anthonyto only cite a few.

Five years later, he released his next album under the name Long live and in which Maria’s song managed to be a hit. Already in 2020 he surprised with the release of several singles Freedom, gift there Anything.

Since then, he has also been seen performing at festivals such as the historic Primavera Pop and surprised as an imitator in Your face is familiar to me. Even if now it is in this last format that we will see him most often, since he is one of the confirmed contenders.

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