Sneakers with integrated RTX 3080?  Yes they Exist

Sneakers with integrated RTX 3080? Yes they Exist

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The creator of pairs of collector sneakers Artifact Studios has just unveiled a pair of sneakers whose soles embed what looks like an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card.

In partnership with the NZXT gaming product brand, Artifact Studios is about to launch a range of fashion-related products. In any case, this is what the tweet released by the studio suggests, which took the opportunity to reveal a pair of sneakers that will leave you wondering : the NZXT x RTFKT are, in fact, equipped with an LCD screen which is reminiscent of that of the Kraken Z cooling kits from NZXT. A transparent part looks like the inside of an H Series tower from the manufacturer.

Finally, the highlight of the show is in the sole, which takes over the look – and operation – ofan Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card. That’s really too much weird information associated with a pair of sneakers. In a tweet, Artifact Studios explains that it wants “Creating the future of fashion and collectibles, fueling its vision, its community and its crazy ideas with its crazy constructions and its love of video games”. At this point, it is not known whether the NZXT x RTFKT will be commercially available.

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