The eagerly awaited Skull and Bones Open Beta has concluded, leaving players anxiously awaiting the official release scheduled for February 13-16, depending on the reserved edition.

Ubisoft’s new pirate adventure has garnered mixed opinions, with some drawing comparisons to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Sea of Thieves.

Player Reactions and Expectations

While some fans express disappointment due to these comparisons, others find Skull and Bones to be a promising game with exciting potential for exploration and ship-to-ship combat.

Personally, I’ve invested 34 hours in the Open Beta and am eagerly anticipating the final version to continue my progress and provide a comprehensive review post its official release.

Annoyances with NPCs

The Crew Motorfest to Skull and Bones Transition

Ubisoft faces a significant issue with non-playable characters (NPCs) that stems from a seemingly desperate need to maintain players’ attention. This issue has persisted since The Crew Motorfest and is particularly noticeable in the recent Skull and Bones Open Beta.

Excessive NPC Chatter

Ubisoft’s NPC problem is more pronounced in Skull and Bones, with characters incessantly talking, questioning decisions, and making unnecessary remarks. Despite the option to adjust crew volume, it remains an extreme that affects the overall gaming experience.

Critique on NPC Behavior

Lack of Realism

The crew constantly questions the captain’s decisions, even during routine actions like looting wrecks. This constant commentary, including complaints about tools and unnecessary remarks, lacks realism and immersion.

Pirates in the game appear to be excessively vocal, contradicting the portrayal of ruthless, bloodthirsty captains.

Immersion Break

While the chatty crew provides enriching elements, the constant complaints and claims detract from the immersive experience. The overbearing dialogue, seemingly driven by Ubisoft’s fear of player boredom, interrupts the natural flow of gameplay.

While NPC chatter may not be the most critical issue with Skull and Bones, it significantly impacts player immersion. Striking a balance between enriching dialogue and moments of silence is crucial for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Ubisoft, please consider fine-tuning NPC interactions to enhance player engagement without overwhelming them with constant stimuli.

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