Pedro Pascal’s casting as Reed Richards in Marvel Studios’ upcoming film, The Fantastic Four, marks a significant moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The Chilean actor’s role is expected to be pivotal in shaping the future of the MCU. However, Pascal’s path to this iconic role might have taken a different turn if not for his involvement in the series Narcos.

Unplanned Success Through Narcos

In a recent Q&A session organized by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Pascal revealed that he initially pursued a different role in Daredevil, another Netflix production. The role he aimed for was a less prominent one, playing a lawyer.

Surprisingly, he ended up with the role of Javier Peña in Narcos, and this unexpected twist can be traced back to his connection with Game of Thrones.

“I got the role in Narcos thanks to Game of Thrones,” Pascal shared. His availability for the audition was a surprise for the casting team, as the relevant Game of Thrones scene hadn’t been aired yet.

Despite auditioning for the role in Daredevil, he didn’t secure it initially. Another actor was offered the part but later dropped out.

Pascal, meanwhile, was in the midst of auditioning for Daredevil, portraying a supporting character, labeled simply as ‘Character Number Six,’ a lawyer.

To his surprise, Pascal’s trajectory changed when he was offered the role in Narcos instead of the Daredevil part he was auditioning for.

This unforeseen opportunity not only altered his career path but also paved the way for his significant contributions to Narcos, where he played alongside characters like Pablo Escobar and Steve Murphy.

The Rise of Pedro Pascal

Post his remarkable stint in Narcos, Pascal’s career soared. From his role in The Mandalorian to The Last of Us, the Chilean actor solidified his position as one of the most adored personalities on the small screen.

Now, with The Fantastic Four on the horizon and set to premiere in May 2025, Pascal is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His journey from an unplanned role in Narcos to becoming Reed Richards showcases the unpredictable and fascinating nature of a Hollywood career.

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