a new six ages The game will give people a way to determine the course of a civilization in 2023. A Sharp and a Kitfox revealed Six Ages 2: The Lights Go Out He is on the way. This came after A Sharp missed out on a 2022 release window. There’s no exact release date yet, but it’s expected to appear in the summer of 2023. The Steam page is live and there’s also a new trailer explaining what people can expect from this latest venture. It will be available on iOS devices and on Windows and Mac. Its Steam page is already live.

As Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind, Six Ages 2: The Lights Go Out it’s about keeping a clan alive during the end of the world. You will have to maintain relations with the other remaining clans, as well as with the gods. You also have to explore what’s left of the world and try to survive dangerous situations. Advisors will provide suggestions and there will be multiple possible answers for the 580+ events that will be available in-game at launch.

because it’s a sequel six ages game, people who have played ride like the wind you can continue your progress. However, Sharp did not specify which particular options will continue to affect the new game.

Here is the trailer. It teases some of the events your claim will address and also offers insight into some potential advisors.

Six Ages 2: The Lights Go Out It will be released on PC via Steam and Apple iOS devices in summer 2023.

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