Since its inception ten years ago (email protected), the independent publishing program of Microsoft, helped bring countless indie titles to Xbox consoles. But how much? On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the program, Microsoft has shared some details about it.

According to company data, (email protected) helped to bring more 3,000 independent games to Xbox consoles over the years, and that Microsoft has invested more than 4,000 million dollars to help developers achieve this feat.

But the program’s success doesn’t mean Microsoft and Xbox are slowing down anytime soon, and now they’ve announced the launch of a new process that will help indie developers submit their game for Game Pass review. , and also to get feedback from Xbox officials on the concepts they share.

This initiative is in addition to the new developer acceleration program (protected by e-mail) Developer Acceleration Program, which will try to financially help independent developers to bring their projects to consoles.

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