Update: VGC has just reported that Sega announced at a press conference the formalization of the purchase of Rovio for $706 million. A figure well below the millions that were expected this weekend, but which is enough for Sega to position itself strongly in the market for mobile titles.

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It’s no secret that the mobile game sector is the most important in the video game industry on an economic level. Anyone with a smartphone can play a game, so it’s clear why this industry has such a huge base of potential players and why the big players in the console and PC games industry keep trying.

Microsoft intends to significantly increase its position in this sector with the $69,000 million acquisition of Activision Blizzard King (the latter party is the mobile titan), and Sega seems to be about to do the same.

Because this weekend, the Wall Street Journal announced that Sega was closing a $1 billion contract for which the Japanese game company will buy the studio that created Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment.

The deal is expected to close early this week, assuming negotiations are successful, so the official announcement is expected in the coming days.

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