Laporta pointed against Real Madrid (Reuters)

John Laporta, president of FC Barcelona, ​​appeared at a press conference held at the club’s premises, with the aim of clarifying everything related to the “Negrería case”. In it, the top manager assured that the Barcelona entity “He has never committed any action with the aim or intention of altering the competition to gain a sporting advantage.

At the same time, and after assuring that it was a defamation campaign against the main club that represents the Catalan city, the businessman also targeted Real Madrid: “Everyone knows that Real Madrid is a club that has always been favored by referee mistakes.regime club.

“For seven decades, referee chairs have been former Madrid partners, former players or former managers. Sometimes all at the same time. For 70 years, those who have appointed the arbitrators who were to render justice! “, did he declare.

“That this club appears in the best period of our club alleging that sportingly it feels aggrieved It is an exercise in unprecedented cynicism. Let’s hope that this trial will expose them”, continued the president of FC Barcelona.

Laporta commented that The club’s strategy is to “defend its honour” and asks that it be investigated to the end, because he considers that in this case “Barcelona would be a victim of this situation” and explained that “it would be another thing if natural persons took advantage of this context to take advantage of it”.

The leader considered that the precise object of the controversy is “technical arbitration opinion” and “this fact of receiving technical and arbitral advice from these people does not constitute anything illegal and even less a criminal offence”.

Laporta presented a document to explain the purchase of the club's services (Reuters)
Laporta presented a document to explain the purchase of the club’s services (Reuters)

“Clubs in general have already internalized it. We have a person who gives us this advice. We have done so with clarity and transparency. This notice results in invoices, by wire transfer, that have passed the relevant tax reviews. From 2003 to 2010, there was no cover-up. ANDThey have been reflected in the club’s accounts and in a clear and transparent manner,” insisted.

With regard to the services provided by the companies and persons surveyed, “These are sports advisory services – scouting advice and refereeing– which are commonplace in professional sport”, and to add: “I am convinced that the presidents who succeeded me did not buy referees or influence referees. These sums were paid for certain services”.

As well as aiming against Real Madrid, Laporta has also attacked the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas: “Here I want to mention the president of the Professional Football League, I would ask you to end the verbal incontinence that he does no good to the body he represents. During the process, the leader questioned the club’s integrity and spoke out about it in different media.

“On the contrary, I want to thank the behavior of the President of the Federation, that of the CSD and that of FIFA, Rubiales, Franco and Infantino, who They waited for the case to be judged without launching into the lynching”he remarked.

Finally, he warned that “Legal services have already lodged complaints against those attacking the club, whenever someone goes too far, we are forced to do so. We reserve actions for damages, the amounts of which can become astronomical because the moral damages can be quantified.

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