Seedify Launches ChainGPT: AI for the Blockchain Industry – Game News

Seedify Launches ChainGPT: AI for the Blockchain Industry – Game News

AI is a hot topic lately – ChatGPT, Google Bard and many other AI bots are showing great potential. Seedify comes to the fore with ChainGPT, an AI model specifically designed to provide solutions and use cases related to crypto and blockchain technology!

Seedify has positioned itself in recent years as an incubator and launch pad for blockchain/crypto/web3 developers. During this period, they launched more than 50 projects in their ecosystem. Now they bring us another project from their incubator, an AI chatbot designed specifically for blockchain-related utilities!

Known as ChainGPT, this AI will offer blockchain-focused services. This includes blockchain analytics, AI trading, smart contract development, AI auditing, risk management, and more. The AI ​​model was specifically developed to meet various cryptography and blockchain requirements. His skills include coding contracts, explaining concepts, answering questions and analyzing the market.

Now ChainGPT is ready to launch its token with an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) on ​​the Seedify platform.

What is ChainGPT?

ChainGPT is an advanced language model, an AI Chat assistant that uses machine learning and transformer networks to produce natural language text. ChainGPT continuously trains on a large set of textual data related to crypto and blockchain technology, allowing you to understand and answer questions on the subject. Additionally, the model uses sophisticated techniques such as attention mechanisms and contextual awareness to analyze and prioritize the importance of various input elements, resulting in more relevant and accurate responses to user queries.

It can provide the latest updates and news on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, as well as cryptocurrency price predictions. Additionally, you can help with programming and development tasks related to crypto and blockchain technology. ChainGPT’s core solutions include trusted news and information delivery, smart contract generation, English code translation, smart contract auditing, enterprise SDKs and APIs, advanced data trading, and more. ‘AI, blockchain analysis, charting and technical analysis.

To access ChainGPT tools and products, users must have the $CGPT token. This token will play a key role in the entire ecosystem. Users and companies must use to access the AI ​​model, ChainGPT, API and DAO vote.

There are a variety of staking and farming options for token holders. Staking is primarily used to access the AI ​​model, while farming is used to earn $CGPT rewards while supporting network stability and security.

The ChainGPT team is a group of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in coding, compliance, business, design, marketing, management, and legal. His experience spans various technology domains, including cloud and mobile, IoT, blockchain, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, and product development.

For more information about ChainGPT, please visit their website and follow them on Blood.

ChainGPT adds value to the blockchain space


The IDO, or Initial Dex Offer, for ChainGPT will take place on April 7, 2023. This IDO will take place on the Seedify website, with a token price of $0.008. Users will need to purchase SFUND, the Seedify platform token, to participate. SFUND tokens are available on Pancake Swap, Kucoin, and other exchanges.

If you are considering joining this IDO, you will want to make sure you have everything set up beforehand, including KYC verification. Read the official Seedify How To Join documentation for more details.

Here is the information for the $CGPT token.

  • Name: $CGPT
  • Token Type: BNB Chain
  • Total Supply: 1B
  • Initial market cap (excluding cash): $194,000
  • IDO Price: $0.008
  • List Price: $0.008
  • Grant: $400,000
  • Consolidation period: 15% in the price, cliff of 2 months, linear for 08 months
  • Market Makers: KaironLabs

Who is Seedify?

Seedify is a decentralized startup platform that provides a platform for new blockchain projects to raise funds and launch their products. It offers a transparent and secure platform for the sale and distribution of tokens to interested investors, while minimizing the risks of scams, fraud and sweepstakes. They also offer full project support, including technical assistance, community building, and marketing.

Seedify has launched over 50 IGOs ​​and entered the NFT space with an NFT launch pad and marketplace. Early last year, Seedify announced the launch of its incubation program. Their program takes initial pitch pad offerings even further, helping projects go further through sharing best practices in development, funding, tokenomic design, and access to the extensive network of KOLs and partners. Seedify marketing.

To learn more about Seedify, visit their website, follow them on Bloodand join their Telegram chat.


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