The weekly challenge for BitLife has arrived, and this week it’s called the Massive Gains Challenge. For this challenge, all players must take control of the real estate market and marry the life of a single character.

Like many challenges in BitLife, there are a handful of challenges that you will need to complete in due course. Once the challenge time has passed, it is saved in the vault and you will need to have Superstar Mode to access it. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Mass Win challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete All Massive Gains Challenge Tasks in BitLife

You will have to complete five tasks while playing with the life of a single character. It’s important to note that this challenge requires you to have access to the Real Estate expansion. These are the tasks you need to complete for the massive wins challenge.

  • Born female in Kansas
  • Become a real estate agent
  • marry a real estate agent
  • Update more than 5 dilapidated properties
  • Sell ​​more than 3 completely renovated futuristic houses

The first task is to spawn your female character and make sure she was born in Kansas. You can do this by having the city in which Kansas City was born. This is the easiest and fastest way to do it.

Next, your character must become a real estate agent. This is only possible by purchasing the BitLife Story Real Estate expansion pack. From there, you can buy any property and have tenants rent it out to tenants, becoming a real estate agent as you acquire more properties and rent them out.

Then you will have to marry another real estate agent. It is much more difficult because your partner must also be in this race. It might take a while to track down, but with enough tries to find a date, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The last two tasks work side by side. You’ll want to constantly update properties as you buy them, giving them upgrades whenever possible. You will need to fully upgrade at least three houses and sell them to other NPCs, giving them full access to the locations.

After completing all five tasks, you will have completed the Massive Gains challenge in BitLife. You can now receive one of four random skin items for your BitLife account.


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