Sony intends to get ahead of Microsoft and show off its next games before Xbox Games Showcase 2023. Or at least that’s what is being said behind the scenes.

A few days ago, following the announcement of the absence of several major publishers, it was announced that E3, the big party for video game fans, had been canceled. However, it seems that in June we are not going to complain about the lack of other events that are almost as spectacular.

In June, Microsoft will host the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2023 and the Sterfield Direct. Ubisoft, meanwhile, has announced a new edition of Ubisoft Forward. Not to mention the big Summer Game Fest, and that’s probably not all. At least, that’s according to information available to journalist Jeff Grubb..

  • The insider, famous for his reliability (he predicted the state of affairs for February, among other things), published a Twitter with a list of gaming events taking place in June.
  • The graph (which we share below) shows that Sony plans to get ahead of competition moves and hold PlayStation Showcase ahead of Microsoft. If the reports turn out to be true, the event will take place in the first days of June, ahead of Summer Game Fest 2023 (June 8).

Source: Twitter, @JeffGrubb

It should be added that Grubb already mentioned PlayStation Showcase in February. According to reports at the time, the event is expected to be huge and will be used to kick off the next phase of PlayStation 5 development.

All we can do now is be patient and wait for the official announcement from Sony.

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