There MET Gala 2023 it continues to make surprising headlines several days after its celebration. Celebrities of all kinds and walks of life have gathered on the famed stairs of the New York Metropolitan to exude glamor from all four sides. A multi-million dollar red carpet revealed by some of Harper’s Bazaar’s top fashion analysts. holding Doua Lipafor example, exceeded $10 million.

The English singer, who acted as co-mistress of ceremonies for the evening with Rihanna, opted for a white wedding dress with which she not only paid tribute to Karl Laggerfeld but also to the Chanel firm. Because the Londoner used an “upcycled” design of one of the firm’s most spectacular dresses.

30 years have passed since Claudia Schiffer first paraded on the bridal catwalk of the famous fashion brand. A tweed suit consisting of a square neckline bodice that ends in a long flowing cancan skirt.

Normally, a high fashion dress from a company like Chanel usually costs more than $20,000, but in the case of a design from years ago, its value can be close to $100,000. However, the price of Dua Lipa’s outfit skyrockets with the one accessory that caught everyone’s eye.

This is the Lucida Star necklace by Tiffany “which is distinguished by the diamond which reproduces the proportions of the famous Tiffany yellow diamond, one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world” according to Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

A diamond of more than 100 carats whose value in the current market exceeds $10 million, which is why her presence at the 2023 MET gala has made Dua Lipa one of the most popular VIPs on the carpet. And it is that only 4 women in the world wore the original Tiffany diamond to which this necklace pays homage: Mary Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

“The first Monday in May An honor to co-host the Met Gala this year to celebrate Karl Lagerfeld and his incredible legacy. Thank you Anna and Vogue for having me. Thank you Chanel Legacy @chanelofficial for making it happen my dreams in the dress of my dreams the original Fall/Winter 1992 wedding dress and thanks to @tiffanyandco for lending me the most amazing necklace – I felt so lucky to show it off for the first time!” wrote the singer on her social networks.

The 2023 MET Gala did it again: it was the biggest event of the year for the most daring yet elegant fashion, thanks to a red carpet filled with unapologetic stars. But if it could still be a more iconic date, it was made possible thanks to the fact that iconic Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019, was chosen as the figure around which the most popular charity event in New York turns. .

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