Mistress Dimitrescu has a good smile: Resident Evil 8 breaks the 100,000 player mark on Steam.

The eighth series part Resident Evil: Village reaches a milestone on Steam that no Resi had reached before: 100,000 simultaneous active players are out and about in Dimitrescu Castle to confront dangerous vampires.

Even the very successful remake Resident Evil 2 from January 2019 could only attract 74,000 players on Steam at the same time in front of the monitors.

An industry analyst noted the new Resident Evil: Village brand record:

With that, Resident Evil 8 is well on the way to achieving Capcom’s self-imposed goal, the most successful game in franchise history to become.

Resident Evil: Village inspires players and the press

The Steam hype surrounding Resident Evil: Village is no coincidence. On Steam, 92 percent of the more than 5,000 players so far give a positive rating. The press currently comes to an average of 85 out of 100 points on Metacritic. All testers agree on one point of criticism of Resi 8.

Long before the release, Resident Evil 8 had triggered a wave of enthusiasm. One of the reasons was the vampire mistress from the first pictures, Lady Dimitrescu, who attracts attention with an engaging smile and extraordinary height.

Lady Dimitrescu has a large hat, long claws and provides a lot of shade in summer.

A certain amount of buzz before the release can help ensure that a game is on everyone’s lips and ultimately turns into a success.

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