A trove of data would have leaked all the Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenary mode starting characters and costumes. While the roster isn’t a huge surprise to those who played the original game on PS2 or Gamecube, there are a few additions that mean the mode will start with eight playable characters.

Who are the first characters in Resident Evil 4’s Mercenaries mode?

According to the leaked datamine, six characters will launch with Mercenaries mode on April 7, although two of them will have two versions, making a total of eight playable characters:

  • Leon S. Kennedy (2 versions)
  • Ada Wong (2 versions)
  • Alberto Wesker
  • jack krauser
  • Luis Will

Leaker @biohazarddoctor provided images of all eight playable characters, though his early tweets mistakenly included one of Leon S. Kennedy’s skins twice. The missing skin was Jack Krauser, who can be seen in another one of his tweets.

Capcom has yet to release any official details on the upcoming mode other than the release date of the free update, so take it easy for now. However, the publisher also revealed that it has started working on updating the game’s VR mode, although it’s probably quite a ways from launch.

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