Available exclusively on Xbox One and PC since 2016, Quantum Break is obviously about to leave the Game Pass catalog. But what does this mean for Remedy Entertainment’s title?

  • Quantum Break will leave Game Pass ready

    What does this mean for the Remedy Entertainment title?

  • A Microsoft exclusive

    Released in 2016, the game is exclusively available on Xbox One and PC.

  • An exclusive at the exit

    Microsoft exclusives are meant to stay on Game Pass indefinitely, so what should we take away from this release?

  • Just a temporary withdrawal

    Nothing alarming, since Microsoft has confirmed with XboxDynasty that this withdrawal is only temporary.

  • rights issues

    It turns out that the firm is currently working to resolve licensing issues, which require a temporary withdrawal of the game from the catalog.

  • Quantum Break, an exclusive that will continue to be

    So don’t expect a fate similar to that of Alan Wake, which has finally been released on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

In few hours, Microsoft will officially reveal the list of the next arrivals of the Game Pass catalog. At the same time, we discover also the list of games to leave the service, of which we were however able to have a first glimpse thanks to a leak that occurred through the application. And against all odds, it turns out that Quantum Break, released exclusively on Xbox One and PC in 2016, is part of the lot.

Quantum Break will leave Game Pass ready

Indeed, according to information shared by Eurogamer, the title Remedy Entertainment will soon leave the catalog of Game Pass consoles. And knowing that all Microsoft exclusives are normally supposed to remain indefinitely on the publisher’s service, this is not without raising some questions among gamers. The most obvious is: Should we expect to see Quantum Break exported to other media?like Alan Wake?

Of course, that would not be the case. According to Xbox Dynasty reporters, who contacted Microsoft about this, withdrawal from the game would be linked to “license issues” which are being resolved. Therefore, while waiting for all the necessary rights to be renewed, the American firm is forced to temporarily withdraw it from the catalog. However, Unlike Alan Wake, which was acquired by Remedy, the rights to Quantum Break remain in Microsoft’s hands..

A still unclear outcome

Something to reassure some about this unexpected departure, to say the least. Incidentally, we point out that at the time of writing these lines, the exact date of withdrawal from the game is not yet known. While titles like Life is Strange: True Colors, Rainbow Six Extraction or The Long Dark will leave Game Pass on April 16, the case of Quantum Break remains relatively unclear for the moment. Answer in the next few hours.

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