While PlayStation’s latest VR headset has been available for just over a month, it doesn’t seem to have met with the success Sony hoped for.

  • PS VR2 is now available!

    Sony’s new virtual reality headset was officially launched on February 22.

  • €599.99

    Despite their high price, headphones are already finding a place in many homes.

  • The next generation of virtual reality

    It incorporates a number of technologies borrowed from the PS5.

  • More than 30 games already available

    And more than a hundred are currently in development.

  • A Horizon spin-off

    Horizon: Call of the Mountain is one of the launch titles for PS VR2.

  • Disappointing sales?

    Less than 300,000 units sold…

Despite certain qualities and a much greater immersion, PS VR2 still cannot encourage players to buy.

PS VR2: low sales and essential price drop to avoid disaster?

In fact, according to a report by our media colleagues at Bloomberg, sales would be below PlayStation’s expectations. Thus, the helmet would not have managed to reach 300,000 units sold in its first weeks on the market.

According to information compiled by the research and analysis company IDC, the exact figure would be 270,000. Either way, We are far from the 3 million sales expected by Sony over this period! According to Francisco Jerónimo, vice president of IDC, this is explained in particular by “the increase in the cost of living, the rise in interest rates and the increase in layoffs” in the world.

It may therefore be that a drop in the price of the equipment is necessary to avoid a real industrial breakdown… Given the current price of the helmet (€599.99), a drop of 100 € could certainly lead some refractory people to warm up the bank card.

As a reminder, the PS VR2 is available from February 22 and is only compatible with the PS5. Among the games already playable, we can mention Horizon: Call of The Mountain, Resident Evil Village or Gran Turismo 7 included.

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