Prestige is one of the main mechanics of Meet Your Maker. In this guide, we tell you. Also, we’ll tell you how to watch replays.

Behavior Interactive recently released a new game called Meet Your Maker, which is different from its previous title Dead By Daylight in terms of genre. In MYM, players are tasked with stealing other people’s bases, who have set up traps and enemies to prevent such audacity. The game requires fans to be patient and persistent as it involves multiple attempts on the same map. In this guide, we are going to talk about one of the main mechanics of Meet You Maker: prestige. Also, we’ll tell you how to watch replays.

What is prestige in Meet Your Maker?

Prestige accumulates thanks to your strengths. You can see this as points for maps you’ve created.. You can earn them by deaths of players and thanks to the rewards given by them. Each outpost earns them separately.

When you have enough points, you can pay for a higher level of prestige. It is possible to do this in construction mode. Unfortunately, you also have to pay in-game currency to do so. However, don’t do it too soon or you will lose an important benefit associated with it.

Prestige bonus leveling

  1. Renew your outposts – your fortresses gather a resource called GenMat. They do it passively. However, after a while it will run out and your map will be closed to other players. When this happens, you can upgrade your outpost and renew this valuable material.
  2. Makes your building capacity bigger – each outpost has a capacity. Determine how many traps, minions, and other items you can use. The limit increases as you increase your prestige.
  3. You gain XP – just like that.

Max Prestige Level

In Meet You Maker you can earn prestige up to level 10. After that, you can either abandon/destroy the card or move it to the Social tab. You can do this in build mode.

Unfortunately, maps on Social do not generate revenue for the creator. However, players will be able to take advantage of it.

How to gain more prestige

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The obvious answer to this question is to create better outposts. Your maps should kill as many people as possible, but at the same time they should be entertaining., so that players try again and leave rewards. It is also possible to buy a boost in Guard Advisorwhich will speed up prestige gain for a period of time.

However, the best way to gain more prestige is to watch reruns. You can see how other players were handling your map. With this knowledge, you will learn what the weaknesses and strengths of your build are. Remodel your outpost using this information.

How to watch replays on Meet Your Maker

Prestige in Meet Your Maker;  How to watch replays - image #3

To view your replays on Meet Your Maker, you must go to to the left of the entrance (the place where you appear after entering the game). You will see a few screens there.. is the place You can see here the repetitions of others and yours.

It should be noted that at this time many players are reporting bugs related to replays. Especially if they want to do something during them (eg rewind). So for now, it’s best to just watch them and not play around with the settings too much.

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