Possible gaming partnership between Netflix and Sony

Possible gaming partnership between Netflix and Sony

Netflix recently secured the services of Mike Verdu, who worked for Electronic Arts, among others. The streaming service has made it clear that they want to enter the world of video games.

According to some rumors, Netflix could make some video games available to its subscribers as early as next year. They probably have grabbed a very big partner as well.

Dataminer Steve Moser recently scoured Netflix’s iOS app and found some interesting files. On the one hand, there is a logo for an “N Game” and a symbol of a shark fin (the Netflix gaming initiative is rumored to be codenamed “Shark”). Much more interesting, however, are the pictures of the PlayStation 5 controller and Ghost of Tsushima.

We don’t know exactly why these PlayStation images can be found in the code of the Netflix app. It could mean absolutely nothing.

However, it could also be a first hint of a possible partnership between Netflix and Sony PlayStation. Partnering with one of the largest streaming services in the world could make Sony a direct competitor to Xbox Game Pass.

The two companies are already working together, as Netflix owns the streaming rights for all Sony Picture films, including the new Uncharted Film.

However, PlayStation already has its own streaming service for PC with PS Now, which subscribers can use to play titles like Bloodborne on their PC.

However, Ghost of Tsushima is not part of PS Now’s offering. Perhaps this title will be available exclusively on Netflix on PC? This would definitely be an “interesting” business strategy on the part of Sony.

How exactly Netflix wants to get into the video game world is also unknown. Some people assume that Netflix will simply offer regular downloads instead of actual streaming. However, this would be a little strange for a company that is built entirely on streaming.

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