They compare the singer Camilo with Freddie Mercury and the networks burn

They compare the singer Camilo with Freddie Mercury and the networks burn

No one has the nerve to dare to put both artists on the same level, right?

Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury are some of the great music legends. Any comparison with any of these figures is almost a crime, especially for those fans who still have their songs in their memory regardless of the passing of the years.

One might think that no one has enough nerve to dare to put current artists, who still have a long way to go, and world-renowned legends on the same level, but unfortunately it has happened.

A bold comparison between Colombian singer Camilo and Freddie Mercury, vocalist and songwriter of the band ‘Queen’, has made both artists a trend on Twitter.

The journalist and scientific communicator Rocío Vidal, known in social networks as ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’, has come across a publication that confronts Camilo and Mercury under the title “Different times, but the same talent.”

They both have mustaches, sing and have thousands of fans, but that’s where the comparison goes. “I have never been so offended in my life”, said Rocío Vidal herself, scandalized.

And, a priori, it is to take it that way. No matter how much of a Camilo fan you are, it must be recognized that he cannot be placed on the same level as Freddie Mercury. However, the purpose of the publication was just the opposite.

The controversial photo belongs to the Facebook page ‘Curious Corner’, which has more than 5.3 million followers. It is important to note that the author’s intention was not to compare the two artists, but quite the opposite. The problem is that sarcasm is rarely caught the first time on social media.

Still, Twitter has become abuzz. Many users believe that the comparison is “A blasphemy”, while others wonder who is the one on the right of the photo. The topic has drifted into another boggy debate about whether modern musical artists can be considered geniuses or not.

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