The PlayStation Plus catalog is growing little by little with attractive games, and PlayStation wants to pamper its players even more. So it added a surprise title to its service.

It is Anodyne, a title by Analgesic Productions that originally debuted in 2013 for PC. The title is mainly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, considered by many to be one of the best games in Nintendo’s saga.

PS Plus users can now enjoy Anodyne

Anodyne arrived unannounced to the PlayStation Plus catalog, so subscribers can now enjoy it at no additional cost. It is important to clarify that the indie game joined the Extra and Premium library, so an Essential subscription is not enough to play it.

As we told you, the game is inspired by Zelda, so it recovers its essence of adventure and exploration. Besides, it has an adorable visual style that will remind you a lot of Link’s Awakening.

Its developers decided to create a world full of details to discover and recover the best of the 16-bit era. So players will have to explore dangerous dungeons, find treasures, and put an end to a great threat. Below you can see a trailer:

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