New gameplay from the upcoming strategy game Pharaoh: A New Era, which is a remake of the iconic 1999 city builder, has hit the web. The images show a revamped ancient Egypt and also discuss new mechanics that modernize the game.

The premiere of the remake of the iconic strategy game Pharaoh is fast approaching. On this occasion, the developers have released a new gameplay video, in which they discuss the main gameplay, as well as what’s new in the updated version of the game.

In addition to the standard explanation of game mechanics, such as building or managing a city, developers Pharaoh: A New Era described the changes between the 1999 original and the new version of the game. As the description of the video says:

“Discover what makes the gameplay of Pharaoh: A New Era unique and beautiful.”

One of the main attractions of the “new” Pharaoh is the completely renewed game interface. City management is now supposed to be much clearer, and building systems are built in such a way that players can easily choose the buildings they care about.

However, that’s not all, because the new version also introduces important features to facilitate interaction with the title.such as the introduction of a “copy-paste” option, which will allow the construction of several structures or better supervision of workers.

The graphic design has also changed. The new graphics are not only high resolution (4K support), but also, as the creators boast, newly designed and built with great care..

Source: Triskell Interactive.

Pharaoh: A New Era is a remake of the cult city-building strategy game released in 1999. The updated version will include the base version of the game and Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile DLC.

As the developers reported, the game at launch will feature 53 unique missions, during which we will not only build our own empire, but also solve puzzles related to effective management. Those who still can’t get enough of watching the Empire of Egypt will surely start the sandbox mode, which will be available from launch..

Pharaoh: A New Era will debut on February 15 this year. The game is made exclusively for PC.

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