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We know how many people are playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam

Hogwarts Legacy, despite the issues with Steam Early Access, is doing remarkably well. Players who have purchased a pre-order are rushing into the world of magic and sorcery.

As of yesterday, current-gen console and PC gamers can enjoy Hogwarts Legacy as part of the early access provided to those who pre-ordered the game on the Deluxe version.

However, it hasn’t been without problems on Steam. Although in theory all Deluxe PC pre-order holders should have been able to access the game from 10am PT, in practice many players reported issues launching it. Despite the issues, many people have managed to boot up the game and play it anyway.

Everyone wants to be a magician.

SteamDB, which keeps meticulous statistics on Steam releases, has provided the first data on the number of players in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. The Magical Action RPG it has more than 280 thousand inhabitants. (data as of 4 a.m. PT).

Again, these are just people playing Hogwarts Legacy in Early Access, which may indicate that this number could increase significantly on launch day. Whether or not Avalanche Software will be ready for the potential rush of players remains an open question, as even Steam Early Access has caused issues.

Controversy doesn’t hurt

It seems Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t been harmed at all by the hype surrounding the author of Harry Potter and the entire Wizarding World book series: JK Rowling. The situation has dragged on for several years and began with controversial statements against transgender people.

Some gamers have urged boycotting the game, but apparently fans of the Harry Potter universe just want to have fun, and reviews show the title can do a lot for them in that regard.

As a reminder, the doors of Hogwarts will officially open on February 10 for owners of PS5, XSX / S and PC. PS4 and XOne owners will have to wait until April 4, and Nintendo Switch players until July 25.

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