Mainframe Industries has unveiled its first game: Pax Dei, a sandbox MMO focused on gamers and social networks.

Mainframe is a heavyweight studio. His team brings together veterans from studios like CCP, Remedy, Next Games, Ninja Theory, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, Rovio and many more. They plan to reinvent an MMO for decades to come: a social sandbox focused on human interactions, offering new ways to play together. Thus, he announces the development of Pax Dei, a game that meets all his desires: a Social media-focused sandbox MMO set in a fantasy world inspired by the mythologies of medieval times.

Pax Dei, what is it exactly?

Soon available on Steam, Pax Dei is the next open-world sandbox MMO which offers players to evolve the game according to their decisions. All players will have to find an ideal piece of land to build their house and make it prosper. The developers indicate that players will have to collaborate with each other to expand their village, thanks to a modular construction of buildings. Each actor will have a role to play and a contribution to make. All important decisions will have to be made by the that everyone can participate in the stories that will form over time.

Outside the walls of their homes, players can explore the wilderness in search of resources or legendary creatures. The open world will be filled with ancient mysteries and challenges to overcome.. But the most difficult will be to survive the pvp fights. In fact, players can choose to battle other neighboring dwellers to establish their clan’s dominance. The PvE world won’t be kind, however: the further players venture away from home, the weirder and more dangerous things get.

Pax Dei is described as a game that aims to deliver an MMO experience that goes back to the roots of the genre with a focus on players and community.. Everything modernized and improved with spectacular graphics created with unreal engine 5. It is developed for cloud gaming platforms, so you can play it on any screen.

When can we play this MMO?

A release date has not been announced at this time.. However, it is possible to try your luck to access the alpha of the game. To start your adventure, you will have to register on the game’s website. The developers will open a Discord server very soon so that the most curious can ask questions during a question-and-answer session when it is organised.

If the game is currently only in alpha phase, it could well take several years before it officially reaches our machines. Thus, we will have to be patient before we can embark on an exciting adventure where all our actions will have an impact on the world we will try to build.

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