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Path of Exile: New player record causes problems

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The Maven has been the new final boss in Path of Exile since Echoes of the Atlas. The Maven has been the new final boss in Path of Exile since Echoes of the Atlas.

Path of Exile started its next league on January 15, 2021 at 8 p.m.: Together with the Ritual League, the expansion Echoes of the Atlas was released, which completely redesigned the endgame and brings a breath of fresh air to the action RPG with new talent trees. You can read here what awaits you in the new add-on:

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After the players had to wait longer than usual for the start of a new season because developer Grinding Gear Games wanted to avoid the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the desire for Path of Exile is now greater than ever among the players. But the rush of players is currently causing problems.

New player record thanks to new league

With the start of the Ritual League, the action role-playing game was able to break its own player record again: Up to 157,000 Steam players were simultaneously on the servers on the release weekend. The old record was 133,000 players and was set for the release of the Delirium League in March 2020.

This does not include users who start PoE directly via the in-house GGG launcher. The game was also able to achieve a new record on Twitch with almost 300,000 simultaneous viewers.

You can see the trailer for the new expansion here again:

Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas - Trailer Introduces New Expansion

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Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas – Trailer Introduces New Expansion

Boss explains massive server problems

However, the huge success also caused major server problemsAs studio boss Chris Wilson explains in a detailed post on Reddit.

The server architecture of Path of Exile is based on a number of database servers to which a huge number of game servers are coupled. According to Wilson, it is easy to integrate new game servers into the infrastructure, but with database servers it is much more complicated.

There are these problems

Due to the high number of simultaneous players, the database servers were now for the first time since 2013 completely overloaded, which leads to various problems, as reported by players and developers in the Reddit thread. The errors mentioned include the following:

  • In very rare cases, an error can cause items to be duplicated or deleted
  • Players suffer from frequent disconnections, e.g. when entering maps or the Eternal Laboratory. The maps or offerings used are lost
  • The game crashes completely.
  • It can also happen that the progress is reset after a disconnect / crash.
  • The trading website often does not work properly.

When will the problems be fixed?

According to PoE mastermind Wilson, the developers at Grinding Gear Games are aware of the causes of the problems, but they simply need some time to fix. They have ordered new hardware and will install it as soon as possible. Then a quick realm restart or a downtime is necessary.

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Should you – after the developers have fixed the problems – also want to throw yourself on the fantasy continent Wraeclast, we recommend seven easy-to-learn beginner builds in our guide.


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