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The image of the Barcelona footballers scattered on the field, while their rivals were kept together

Barcelona could not win the first title of the season after falling at the hands of Athletic Bilbao 3-2 in the extension of a game that, despite the fact that it was very difficult, he was ahead twice.

During the 90 minutes, the pose presented by the recently new technician of The Lions Marcelino (who took office less than 15 days ago) prevented the fluid game of Barça players, who felt the constant pressure from their own area.

The motivation, confidence and determination shown by the Basques to fight for the Spanish Super Cup trophy was reflected in an image corresponding to halftime for the first half of overtime.

The Barcelona players also met before the start of extra time
The Barcelona players also met before the start of extra time

The broadcast captured a moment that is much talked about in Europe, as would show the lack of unity of Ronald Koeman’s team. In the capture it was possible to see how, while the Bilbao players met to encourage and motivate each other in a round before the start of extra time, those of Barcelona were scattered around the field waiting to settle into their positions and start at the final 30 minutes.

The truth is the Barça footballers were also together for a while, but their rivals, unlike them, took advantage of until the last minute to give themselves encouragement and encouragement for the remainder of the match.

Such was so As soon as the first overtime began, it was Iñaki Williams who decreed the final 3-2. After the goal, Ronald Koeman’s team failed to react and saw the goal of lifting the first title of the season slip through their hands.

The image that went viral in that 2-2 draw against Aleti (Twitter)
The image that went viral in that 2-2 draw against Aleti (Twitter)

This It is not the first time that a similar image of the Barça team has transcended. To see a precedent you have to go back to June 30, 2020, at that time Quique Setién was in command of the squad that he was going to equalize against Atlético de Madrid 2-2 in a league game.

On that occasion the transmission caught the moment during a hydration break as they equalized 1-1. On one side, Diego Pablo Simeone and his boys united, listening to the prompts to understand how to continue the game. On the other, Setién and a dispersed, disjointed formation.


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