Many gamers are drawing a comparison between the upcoming Palworld game and other Pokémon games. Also, one of the games that is compared to Palworld is Pokemon GO. Therefore, this article is about Palworld vs Pokemon Go: Differences and Similarities.

Palworld vs Pokémon Go: differences

There are quite a few differences between the two games. Here are some of the differences below.

  1. Palworld is a game where players have the ability to collect monsters for many purposes. On the other hand, players catch and collect Pokemon for battles and training. Therefore, the monsters in Palworld serve many purposes in the game, including a collection of resources, fighting, and others.
  2. The main gameplay feature of Pokemon GO is the use of AR. Similarly, the game uses a smartphone camera as a viewfinder for its AR gameplay element. However, there is no AR integration in Palworld. Palworld players simply explore the open virtual world within the game.
  3. Palworld also features brutal weapons and gameplay elements. On the other hand, Pokémon GO features gameplay elements more suitable for children. Also, there are no weapons in Pokémon GO.
  4. Pokemon GO allows players to battle against other gyms and against other players. However, it is not an MMO game. Palworld, on the other hand, is a survival MMO game where players can play with or against other players.

Palworld vs Pokémon Go: similitudes

Here are some of the similarities between the two games below.

  1. Pokemon GO features the core gameplay element that is very familiar to Pokemon fans. Players have to catch Pokemons in the wild. Similarly,
  2. Palworld also features a game where players have to collect monsters for their friends in the game.
  3. Players can battle their Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Similarly, players can also use their Pals in Palworld during battles.
  4. Palworld, as well as Pokemon GO, feature gameplay elements that are primarily online only.
  5. Players can interact with their Pals in Palworld. Likewise, Pokémon GO players can also interact with their Pokémon.

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