We just reviewed yesterday’s reveal of Overwatch 2’s newest hero, Lifeweaver, and while the gameplay trailer alone is more than enough to talk about, in a recent Q&A session- responses, the Overwatch 2 developers have revealed more information about the hero and the upcoming game. the fourth season.

First of all, with regard to LifeweaverThe Overwatch 2 devs have confirmed that they believe the Petal Platform ability won’t cause trolling. Considering that two of Lifeweaver’s abilities can move an ally, some expect a fair amount of trolling there grief by the hero. However, Alec Dawson, Overwatch 2’s lead hero designer, is confident the team understands how players interact and believes there won’t be much trolling. However, Petal Platform will be an important capability, and the verticality it provides will factor into future map development, Dawson confirms.

Overwatch 2 Lead Narrative Designer Gavin J. Jurgens-Fyhrie also confirmed that we may receive some exciting Battle Pass details in the future. When asked if we’d see something similar to the Call of Duty battle pass, Jurgens-Fyhrie said there were “plans in the future for battle pass stuff that people would love. “.

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