Game News Overwatch 2 more appreciated on an adult site than on Metacritic?

Overwatch 2 is finally available and, if for the moment the title is seen more as a huge update than as a new game while waiting for the PvE mode, it seems to gather a large community. Poutant nous is not rosy for the game, except on a very specific site.

Overwatch 2: a chaotic launch and review bombing

Developed by Blizzard, Overwatch 2 takes up the formula of the first opus by adding game modes, characters, character rebalancing, the redesign of old maps. But above all, this new opus transforme la licence en free-to-play. Everyone, or almost, can install and launch the game for free. Obtaining cosmetic elements and certain characters is obviously easier by purchasing a Battle Pass (10€ for the basic formula), but the most assiduous should be able to get by without taking out the credit card.

Promised from the announcement, the PvE mode (players against the environment) will not be launched until 2023 and will mark the official and complete launch of the title. The release of the multiplayer component did not go smoothly, with connection difficultiesboth due to the influx of players and DDoS attacks, concerns in the merging of accountsor a controversy related to using a smartphone not prepaid for authentication.

On Metacriticplayers have widely criticized Overwatch 2, pointing to the lack of real novelty but also the number of hours deemed excessive to obtain a legendary skin, or even. More than 1365 negative reviews have been posted, against only 148 positives. In doing so, the game’s overall user rating fell to 1.4. In particular, we can read:

Anyone can be a hero, if they pay enough. It’s not “Overwatch 2”, it’s more like “Overwatch 1.2”. 1 point for the sound and visual update but that’s it. The whole “sequel” feels like a legal excuse for tons of microtransactions.

It’s just not worth your time. It’s nothing but a giant patch/rework and not a real sequel. Overwatch is dead and will remain dead.

Overwatch 2 at the top on adult sites

However, the reviews are quite good if we stick to the qualities of the game as such, and the license knows a resurgence in popularity on a famous adult site. As early as 2016, the year the first Overwatch was released, users of the site have made certain characters real search trends. D.Va, Ange, Tracer, then Brigitte and Ashes quickly rose in the search rankings, whether to find 3D movies or people in cosplay. Yesterday Kotaku reported the fact that D.Va found herself at the top of searches on the sitebefore falling back down the rankings while remaining 4th.

The terms Overwatchs and Dva (spelled as such) have therefore largely brought the game back to the fore, which never completely disappeared trends. In the late afternoon, “Overwatch 2” was 8th in search ranking in the North American market, often followed by the name of one of the most popular female characters: Kiriko, new character, Ange, Tracer and D.Va. It seems totally offbeat, but it isn’t that much.

Few games end up on adult sites for so long with so much popularity. Only a few characters stand out, and you will easily become which ones. On the other hand, the adult industry has always had close ties to the evolution of technologies, even if the idea of ​​evolution guided by adult films still remains a myth.

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