Original Metroid Prime Developer Loves the Remaster, Doors Apart

Original Metroid Prime Developer Loves the Remaster, Doors Apart

A former Metroid Prime developer thinks the newly revealed remaster screwed up one aspect

Yesterday, February 8, Nintendo announced Metroid Prime Remastered after years of anticipation and speculation, revealing that it would release later today. Now Zoid Kirsch, former developer of the original Metroid Prime, thinks the remaster “ruined” one aspect: the doors.

In short, Kirsch acknowledges that Metroid Prime Remastered has the wrong alpha levels on door shields. These shields are found on every door in not only Metroid Prime, but the wider Metroid series as well, and are completely indestructible to weapons. The only way for Samus to open them is to complete another task first.

Kirsch says he spent “months” working on the doors, so he’s a bit upset that they don’t look good in the remaster. No, for those wondering, “month” isn’t Kirsch’s typo – doors are really hard to fix in video games and are often an absolute pain for developers.

However, that didn’t stop Kirsch from loving the remaster. “Moving on, the remaster is incredibly well done,” the former developer wrote in a follow-up tweet (opens in a new tab). “Samus’ upgrades and boss models are amazing. I just noticed this particular change that stood out from the original. It’s still a wonderful remaster and should be played and enjoyed.”

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