No More Heroes 3: the cross-platform release is scheduled for October

No More Heroes 3: the cross-platform release is scheduled for October

Grasshopper Manufacture is preparing the launch of No More Heroes 3 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as on PC.

The Legendary Assassin Travis Touchdown returns once more to the Garden of Madness to No More Heroes 3 from the Japanese studio Grasshopper Manufacture. The evil Prince FU, a self-proclaimed superhero from the far reaches of the galaxy, has landed on Earth with the goal of conquering the world. In order to save humanity, good old Travis must fight his way to the top of the Galactic Superhero Leaderboard, taking on each of FU’s nine alien minions before he can earn a title match against the Prince himself. .

No More Heroes 3 is coming to consoles and PC

Announced for October 6 in Japan, No More Heroes 3, which is no longer a Nintendo Switch exclusive, will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One on October 11 in the USA and October 14 in Europe. The PC version is scheduled for October 11 in Europe and America: “Thanks to sharper images, this new opus will never have looked better than it does now. Add to that improved load times and better responsiveness, and you’ll be up to some ultra-violence in no time.”

Travis Touchdown may be one day near a midlife crisis, but he’s still a standout innovator when it comes to kicking ass. From mastering the Beam Katana to pro wrestling, Travis can do it all. Take the violence to new extremes with the customizable Death Glove, and punish deadly invaders with combat tailored to your style.

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