No Man’s Sky “Interceptor” Update (Version 4.2), Patch Notes and Trailer Now Live

Posted on April 5, 2023 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Videos

The latest update for nobody’s sky has just been made available and players can now access version 4.2, known as Interceptor.

Here players can explore corrupt Sentinel planets, battle a legion of new robotic Guardians, hijack their technology, steal their ships, harvest their resources, destroy their freighters, and more. There’s a lot more here too, including the standard set of bugfixes.

The full patch notes for No Man’s Sky v4.2 “Interceptor” update are as follows:


  • Hostile Sentinel interceptor ships are now procedurally generated from a wide variety of parts.
  • Players can now track and repair a crashed Sentinel Interceptor to fix it and claim it for their own fleet.
  • A unique repair mission has been added to guide players through the recovery process.
  • There are a variety of ways to locate a downed interceptor, including destroying a Sentinel capital ship; complete a custom story encounter; defeat the new corrupt Sentinel planetary forces; and through mysterious new abandoned camps.
  • Player-owned interceptors use their own unique set of core technologies, though they still benefit from installing general starship upgrades.
  • Player-owned interceptors have a unique cockpit.
  • Player-owned interceptors have a unique planetary flight model, with the ability to hover.


  • Several improvements have been made to the sentinel quadruped locomotion system, reducing visual issues and jitters.
  • Sentinel Quadrupeds are now more mobile in combat, moving frequently and making better use of their leap and jump attacks.
  • Sentinel Quadrupeds now have a wider target range, allowing them to track players without having to change position.
  • Sentinel quadrupeds can now use active camouflage to hide while avoiding player attacks.
  • Corrupted Sentinel drones have been visually redesigned.
  • Corrupt Sentinel Drones can now heal each other.
  • Corrupted drones now make better use of cover.
  • Corrupted drones now choose from a variety of weapons, including rapid-fire projectiles; a short-range blaster; long-range grenades; and a flamethrower.
  • A large ground-based Corrupt Sentinel unit has been added.
  • This heavily armored semi-spider machine boasts its own stealth mode and long-range jump attack, as well as flamethrower and grenade-based weaponry.
  • Its highly mobile body and leg configuration allows for rapid lateral movement and continuous tracking of the player.
  • These enemies come in the form of large individual varieties and a smaller swarm variety. The swarm variant is more aggressive in melee range and will self-destruct at low health…
  • A new unique resource has been added as collectible loot from these Corrupted Quadrupeds.


  • Some planets that previously spawned extreme sentinels have now become corrupted worlds.
  • Corrupted worlds have their own unique set of planetary sentinel forces.
  • Corrupted worlds are also home to Dissonance Resonators, strange mining machines guarded by corrupted sentinels.
  • Corrupted Sentinel Planets have their own unique resources and items.
  • Added new refining recipes for Corrupted Sentinel resources.
  • Corrupted worlds have a unique new lighting/visual effect.
  • Newly corrupted worlds that previously had overheated rainstorms have new, stranger storms.
  • A new building type, the Harmonic Camp, has been added exclusively to Corrupted Worlds. These mysterious abandoned camps hold many secrets…
  • A new mission is available on the Nexus, which requires players to work together to destroy new machines found in corrupted worlds.
  • New player titles have been added for those brave enough to fight the Corrupted Sentinels.


  • Fixed an issue that caused image quality to drop when rendering distant stars.


  • A new section has been added to the Wonders catalog, “Personal Files”.
  • This section allows players to assign any planet, creature, flora, or mineral discovery to their own custom wonder category.
  • All personal bests are assigned their own name chosen by the player.
  • Personal records can be assigned from the catalog or directly from any of the discovery pages.
  • Personal records can be overwritten by other discoveries or deleted entirely to make room for new categories.


  • A new fetched multitool class has been added.
  • These hybrid Sentinel/Scavenged tools are found in mysterious Harmonic Camps on corrupt Sentinel worlds.
  • These multi-tools are available in a variety of classes, from C to S, and are unlocked by beating Harmonic Lock in Camp.
  • Salvaged Multitools are free to acquire, but will require custom repairs to fully unlock all available inventory slots.


  • A new jetpack customization style has been added, the Aeron Turbojet.
  • Unlock this new Sentinel-themed jetpack by following clues found in mysterious encampments on corrupt Sentinel worlds.
  • A number of new customization options have been added to upcoming items for the Quicksilver Shop, including cloth hoods for Geks and a new cape design. These items will appear to be unlocked through Community Research in the near future.

user interface

  • The various maintenance and repair UI screens now use a more informative error message when the selected item cannot be repaired.
  • Techs ready for repair are now highlighted with an inventory slot animation on the various maintenance and repair UI screens.
  • Extreme or Corrupted Sentinels are now highlighted when viewing planetary data through the Analysis Viewer.
  • Mission notification now has a darker background when piloting a spaceship in first person, to make mission text more readable when displayed on cockpit details.
  • The “Change Multi Tool” option has been moved to the quick menu for easier access.
  • The “Change Sub Weapon Mode” icon in the quick menu has been redesigned for clarity.


  • The Sentinel capital ship deployed at a 5-star research level in space is now destructible.
  • Defeating the capital ship will clear the wanted level to 0 and grant players a unique item to help them find their own crashed Sentinel Interceptor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Sentinel capital ships to use an incorrect teleport effect.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sentinel capital ships from launching additional interceptors when their current complement was defeated.
  • The last usable ship weapon will no longer be damaged by enemy fire.


  • Fixed a significant number of memory-related crashes on consoles.
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading.
  • Fixed a Nintendo-Switch specific crash when fighting Sentinel Drones.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Exocraft first person cameras to point towards the ceiling.
  • Fixed an issue that caused random options (such as player customizations or multi-tool appearance) to remain fixed for some players when starting a new expedition.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 3rd person starship camera to not drift during Pulse Engine powered flight.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause creatures to fail to navigate after terrain damage from the manipulator or grenade shot.
  • Fixed an issue specific to Nintendo Switch that could cause players to get stuck in a tomb visit loop in the A Trace of Metal mission.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the living ship from contacting the player at the correct time in the mission if key mission items were stored in the inventory of a ship other than their current main ship.
  • Fixed a mission flow error in the delivery stage of the Nexus mission to clean up an infested planet.
  • Improved the current target name used in the UI when using Analysis Visor target scan mode to find specific assets that are currently too far away to lock onto a signal.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong building name to be used when examining buildings through the Analysis Viewer.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some Exosuit base technologies to be duplicated in the inventory.
  • Fixed a number of visual issues with the Exotic Wingpack jump animation.
  • Significantly improved the quality of active/inactive particles and lighting effects for Gravitino Balls.
  • Fixed various network issues with the player cloaking device.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sentinel Drones to attack the player when interacting or in a situation where they did not control the camera.
  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause the wrong controller button icon to be used in various parts of in-game text.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an empty “Button Preferences” section to appear in the options menu of some configurations.
  • The message displayed when something cannot be interacted with due to its cost has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the number of free slots required when the inventory was full to be overstated by 1.
  • Fixed various issues where in-game text was not using the correct names for various starship technologies when using a living ship.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from activating the Pulse Engine within 5 seconds of loading a save in space.

Find a trailer for today’s update below.

All Switch players can download the No Man’s Sky version 4.2 “Interceptor” update now.


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