Nintendo Switch sales drop 33% in Japan due to component shortages

Nintendo Switch sales drop 33% in Japan due to component shortages

Nintendo says Switch sales are down 33% between April and June from last year due to difficulty getting parts for Bluetooth-enabled components.

Due to ongoing disruptions in Nintendo’s supply chain, Nintendo Switch sales have fallen 33% between April and June in Japan (via Nintendo Life ). The models that belong to the family of the hybrid system are usually positioned in Japan as the best-selling consoles in Japan, while in the middle of last month Famitsu magazine reported that Switch has already managed to sell more than 25 million units in the same country.

According to a new report reported by Nikkei, the Japanese company has been experiencing a “frustrating” slowdown in sales with a 33% decline between April and June compared to last year and 10% in the same period of time in 2020. A Nintendo spokesman told the aforementioned media that “the shortage of chip materials” has had a strong impact on Nintendo’s production line in recent months. Additionally, the spokesperson has commented that the company is having problems obtaining parts for the Bluetooth wireless connection components (mainly used in the controls) and that negotiations are underway to obtain the necessary parts.

Nintendo expects to sell 21 million Switches before March 2023

Despite supply shortage issues, current Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa is confident the hybrid system will sell more than 21 million units by March 2023. So far, the Switch has sold more than 107, 65 million units worldwide, while its exclusive games continue to be a success.

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