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Japan- ‘Cyberbullies’ now risk going to jail in Japan

A law imposing strict punishments for online harassers has come into force in Japan, threatening one-year prison sentences and higher fines for offenders. The rules were tightened years after the suicide of a popular TV star who suffered online harassment before her death, fueling calls for reform.

The legislation took effect across Japan on Thursday, with violators now facing fines of up to $2,200 and a year behind bars, significantly higher than previous penalties of around $75 or less and 30 days in detention.

Passed in mid-June after the ruling Liberal Democratic Party struck a deal with opposition lawmakers, the bill will be reviewed within three years of its enactment to determine whether it places undue restrictions on freedom of expression. . If such a determination is made, the law will be amended.

The toughening of penalties for “insults online” They come more than two years after the suicide of Hana Kimura, a 22-year-old reality TV star and professional wrestler. Kimura took her own life in May 2020 following a wave of cyberbullying she received for her performance on the Netflix show ‘Terrace House’. While the case drew international attention to Japan’s cyberbullying problems, two men found guilty of attacking Kimura online got away with only minor fines.

Following Kimura’s death, Japan’s Justice Ministry legislative council recommended escalating punishments to Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa, who told reporters earlier this week that the new framework demonstrates the “legal assessment that [cyberbullying] it is a crime that must be dealt with severely and acts as a deterrent.” Against critics who have criticized the law as draconian, the minister also argued that the rules would not amount to “an unjustified restriction on freedom of expression.”

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