Nintendo sales: Super Mario 3D All Stars under 45 €

Nintendo Sales: Super Mario 3D All Stars under 45 €

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Note : 15/20

Super Mario 3D All-Stars isn’t particularly good at bringing Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy to the HD era on Switch, although the visual improvements are there. But just having his three tracks in a common compilation gives him interest.

These are indeed three excellent games (even if the Gamecube opus seemed a little less successful with hindsight), packed with qualities and which, put end to end, will keep you occupied for at least 45 to 60 hours. Even Mario 64, the oldest opus, is still doing very well today, and it is even exhilarating to replay in good conditions in a title which has innovated and succeeded so much.

The remaster work is however far from exemplary, and in addition to some slowdowns on Mario Sunshine and low quality cinematics on the latter and Galaxy, the controls of the Wii opus, in particular the pointer to pick up fragments, are sometimes quite laborious. . These issues are there, but they really won’t stop you from enjoying the three Marios. So we do not sulk our pleasure. And as the mustached plumber says: “Whouhou!”.

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