Gustavo Bolívar accuses Ángela María Robledo of using Gustavo Petro to gain “notoriety”

Gustavo Bolívar accuses Ángela María Robledo of using Gustavo Petro to gain “notoriety”

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The resignation of Congresswoman Ángela María Robledo from Gustavo Petro’s Human Colombia generated a wave of criticism and comments on social networks, both in favor and against. Not only ordinary citizens spoke out about it, but even some members of progressivism, such as Senator Gustavo Bolívar, gave him taunts on social networks.

The parliamentarian resigned from the progressive political movement assuring, among other causes, that she felt estranged from the project she joined in 2018 when he performed like Petro’s vice-presidential formula in the last presidential elections.

On Monday of this week, when Robledo’s resignation from Petro’s party was known, Gustavo Bolívar wished his political colleague great success and, although he acknowledged that he shares its terms, he differs with her in that “In Colombia Humana there is no space for feminist strugglea”.

Tweet bolivar

Tweet bolivar 

However, after three days of heated controversy, It seems that Bolívar’s opinion changed about Ángela María Robledo. This time, the also scriptwriter and writer of ‘Without tits there is no paradise’, published a trill on his Twitter account in which he argued that when a politician gains popularity thanks to Gustavo Petro, making reference to Robledo, he moves away from the political leader and takes his own course.

In the particular trill, coming from an honorable Senator of the Republic, a scene appears with emojis in which an individual with this “🤯” face, pushes Petro, with an avocado face “🥑”, from a building, who would be about to fall into a honeycomb, which is a representative symbol of the political edge that the former mayor of Bogotá represents. “When he gets notoriety”, Bolívar sentenced in the post.

Tweet bolivar

Tweet bolivar 

Although in the tweet, Senator Bolívar does not mention Ángela María Robledo anywhere, It is understood that he refers to the congresswoman because of her ideological differences and recent resignation. In addition, the trill would ratify the statements that Bolívar made on the Pulzo portal this week where he distorted some of the arguments that the psychologist also used to leave the political ‘side’.

“I told her that I did not believe that it was true that she had been mistreated within the movement, and more than what she says that in Colombia Humana there is no space for feminism or for women. That is not true, ”Gustavo Bolívar told Pulzo.

In her resignation letter, the congresswoman assured that her feminist ideas and in defense of women’s rights have not been supported but criticized by Colombia Humana.

“My condition as a feminist and free woman has been severely attacked from some sectors of the movement. I have said in some media that I ran out of political space, and that it has been very difficult to do a joint work with you and carry out an organizational task within the movement “, stated the policy in the letter addressed to Petro.

To these statements, Bolívar also reacted and, again, differed with Robledo. In a trill, the congressman told Ángela María that within the movement there is female participation and mentioned that there are “MujeresPderosas” who fight for peace, land and equality.

In addition, this Tuesday a group of 44 women signed a statement highlighting the project in for women’s rights that Robledo promoted and insisted that Colombia Humana is a feminist and inclusive project.

In the document, the women affirm that they respect the decision of the Representative and that they recognize her struggle in the defense of human rights, peace, and the guarantee of women’s rights. “As we expressed it to you in various conversations, the purpose of which was focused on healthily processing differences, we value the role and commitment of Ángela María with Gustavo Petro’s campaign for the Presidency and his decision to accompany him as vice-presidential formula, resigning from the Green Party at the time, ”the women wrote.

On the morning of this Wednesday, Robledo spoke out about the criticisms against him and argued that advocating for feminism “is not giving charges.” According to the parliamentarian, struggles must be recognized and women must be given space for representation.

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