Sergio Moles, under his alias Nexxuz, has just announced that he is joining the Youtube Gaming lineup as a Streamer and content creator exclusively, after a 3-year stage at Facebook Gaming.

Nexxuz joins YouTube after being for 3 years the #1 Streamer worldwide in Spanish-speaking concurrent visitors, cumulative visits and engagement on Facebook Gaming.

With an average of 15,000 people watching his live shows daily, his audience is one of the most loyal on the planet and now he is preparing for his landing on YouTube Gaming with many surprises.

“Youtube has always been my home, even when I was on other platforms I kept uploading videos here almost daily, and now I couldn’t be more excited to show my followers everything I have prepared for this new stage,” Nexxuz tells us. “I think that YouTube Gaming is the best platform where you can be today,” he also pointed out.

“Nexxuz has always had YouTube in mind, not only because a large part of its audience is there, but also because it loves how the platform has grown in terms of improvements and how it is introducing new features that allow it to interact with the audience in a unique way,” Sergio Carbajo and Álvaro Izquierdo, founders of the Coopers Journey agency and who helped make this milestone possible, told us.

Nexxuz starts its way on YouTube Gaming on April 1, 2022, “don’t miss it, I assure you that many incredible things are coming,” concluded the famous Streamer.

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