New World: Amazon warns of wrong keys, blocks thousands of accounts

New World: Amazon warns of wrong keys, blocks thousands of accounts

Amazon has started the fight against bots and fraudsters in its bestselling MMORPG New World: As the developers have now announced in the official forum, thousands of gold farmer accounts have been banned. However, innocent people are also said to have lost their access to Aeternum.

Thousands of wrong keys blocked

That happened: Community Manager Tosch published a new post in the New World forum in which he announced that Revoke thousands of game entries became.

The reason for this is said to be that these were not only obtained fraudulently, but were also all used by gold farmers and bots:

We have seen your reports on gold farmers and bots and we take them very seriously. Rest assured that we are always committed to fair gameplay for everyone. As part of this commitment, we are currently taking steps to revoke thousands of keys fraudulently obtained with the intent to disrupt the game.

It also affects innocent people: Amazon admits in the same breath that New World may also have been removed from Steam accounts that legitimately acquired their access.

The first affected people have already spoken in the forum. For example, all 100 keys that were bought from the gaming website Fextralife directly from Amazon and raffled off among their readers are said to have been blocked.

What to do if you are concerned

If New World suddenly disappears from your Steam account, you should definitely contact the Amazon Games support team and clarify the situation.

However, it could be problematic if you bought your access from a Steam key shop. In these stores, which are often marketplaces for individual providers, codes and Steam gifts are sometimes offered that were obtained with stolen payment data.

If you purchased your access through such a third party, there is no guarantee that customer service will let you back into the game.

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