Hearthstone Mercenaries: How to level up quickly?

Hearthstone Mercenaries: How to level up quickly?

If overall Hearthstone Mercenaries remains a game where you have to take your time, it is possible to gain a little bit, especially on the acquisition of experience. Follow the guide !


  • Experience, what is it for?
  • What’s the fastest way to get it back?
  • How long for level 30?

Experience, what is it for?

While the question may seem silly at first, it is perfectly legitimate. In Mercenaries, fighting enemies gives experience points that allow you to improve your heroes. Enough points allow them to level up, up to a maximum of 30. At each level, the hero gains life points and sometimes attack points.

In addition, levels 5, 15 and 30 are the most important: it is at these levels that the hero respectively recovers his two abilities and then one of his three items of equipment.

What’s the fastest way to get it back?

To benefit from the best version of each of his mercenaries, it is therefore necessary on paper to have them at level 30: it is at this stage that they have the greatest statistics. But it can quickly become tedious to level up level 1 characters by going through all the bonuses.

Fortunately, there is another solution! The fastest way to level up your characters is to form a team with three level 30 characters, and three characters you want to improve..

Then you just have to do level 30 bounties (regardless of the region). Indeed, the experience points are also granted to the characters on the bench, those who do not fight. Therefore, all you have to do is do all the bonuses with the three level 30 characters.

A method that can be coupled with that to “farm” mercenary pieces and kill two birds with one stone. For the moment, there is even a practical composition to quickly gain these experience points: Samuro, Xyrella and Cariel are very good at closing fights quickly.

Finally, there are little tips to save time on certain fights. For example, it is not necessary to choose an action for each of its characters when you know that a single ability can end the fight: just press the button Ready on the right of the screen when the turn is decided.

There might be better, but..

Another solution is to play in Player versus Player mode, via the fighting pit. Such a solution can work (since the mercenaries who died in combat gain so much experience) to gain side and make their daily chests.

However, it involves winning all of your matches for it to be profitable: in the event of a defeat, no experience point is awarded.

How long for level 30?

Difficult to give a precise duration to reach the maximum level. That being said, there are two times that we can be sure of but it depends on the type of player:

  • Campaigns only : a composition makes you want and you want to learn it at the same time as to level it up? The easiest way is to redo all the bounties in normal mode with the six mercenaries. It takes about seven hours before seeing the end of the tunnel.
  • The other solution, which is to only do level 30 bonuses, allows to have the maximum level in four hours. A duration that varies according to the duration of the fights and the number of elite fights made: the latter are harder but grant more experience.

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